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Welcome to the Drexel University Architecture and Society home page. On the pages to follow, you will find images and text selected from Professor Brack's Architecture and Society classes offered at Drexel. Along with each Study Aid (which are the same as those handed out in class), you will find images of buildings or settlements that you are required to memorize. This web site is only intended to supplement those images already found in your textbook, reader, and study aids.

Course Description

Architecture is an open history book. If you can read the language of the "built environment," any street or house will have a story to tell of economics, taste, settlement, and social relationships--for every human establishment upon the landscape represents long and significant patterns of thought concerning society and architecture.

Although architectural history is often taught as the succession of European and American styles or famous monuments, this class will have a somewhat different approach. While the "high-style" designs of notable architects will command most of our attention, we will also examine the larger contexts or influences surrounding architecture. These include: urbanism, landscape history, vernacular traditions, technology and engineering, social and political history, the development of new building types, anthropology, and intellectual history. We will also consider the architecture of non-Western cultures. With this class, you will begin to develop skills that will enable you to read the language or history of the built environment.



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